July 2014 archive

Jul 10

Finding the Mind of a Villain

Recently, a computer guru, otherwise known as my husband, replaced my hard-drive with a solid-state drive. Arriving the following evening at the local coffee shop to write, I realized all my files had been transferred to our computer network, leaving me without my manuscript. “So now what,” I asked myself, taking a sip of my …

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Jul 06

Writers Always Write

“A writer never has a vacation. For a writer, life consists of either writing or thinking about writing.” — Eugene Ionesco As I was teeing up my golf ball one day, I noticed the name on the ball was Crystal. Aha, I thought. I know the perfect name for my character. She’ll be called Pearl. …

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Jul 03

Artful view of Book Inc.

The Bookstore Ethnographer by John McCarthy Every bookstore has character. That’s what engages or deters customers from frequent visitation. Some are polished formal affairs that feel like a museum or perhaps an art gallery—look but don’t touch. While others may be rustic family affairs where the shopkeepers are boisterous, compelling visitors to engage them in …

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Jul 01

Stanley and Lucy

Spring is the time that the Canadian geese are visiting in the Metro West Industrial Park in Plymouth, Michigan. Since Chrysan has the biggest front lawn on Keel Street in the industrial park, naturally we have more geese as guests who were looking for worms on the lawn. Occasionally I had to make a sudden …

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