September 2014 archive

Sep 16

Singing a Motown Story

“A song is like a short story with a beginning, middle and end,”[1] instructs Berry Gordy. He’s speaking to his friend, Smokey Robinson, who hasn’t written a timely ending to a song. It’s early in both their careers, and the insightful Gordy shows Robinson a way to improve his songwriting skills. In this case, it’s …

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Sep 10

The Monarch

In my last blog Clarity I talked about how much my work has improved since I started writing. What you don’t know is the inspiration that started my writing journey was a monarch butterfly. Laid off from an at-will company (the company didn’t have to tell me why they let me go) in 2003, I …

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Sep 03

The Java Script: Where Genres Come to Life

The following post is one of several reasons I love my job. Travel can be tough, like the time I worked in 3 different states in one week while fighting flu-like symptoms. Then there are times like this trip that introduced me to The Java Script. I met people who love their job, running a …

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Sep 01


“Oh, no, the orchids died again.”  I almost cried as soon as I saw the white and purple orchid pots in the gray room.  I threw my heavy winter coat on the kitchen chair and dashed to the orchid pots on the glass table in the middle of the gray room and carefully touched the …

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