February 2015 archive

Feb 24

Me and My Dead (?) Snow Blower

I think my snow blower is dead.  Back in November, I changed the paddles and scraper then started it up to make sure it worked.  The engine turned over nicely and chugged right along.  If it hadn’t, I’d have a new one sitting in my garage today.  Instead, I didn’t know that would be its …

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Feb 23

The Contenders

Received a lot of good responses to last month’s blog about coming up with a better moniker for Knock Softly. Everyone agrees that the title is a deciding factor when selecting a new read. That and the cover image(s) are the only things people see before they pick up your book. Those two things and …

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Feb 21

What’s a Penny Worth?

I buy most of my hair products at Ulta3. I find the people who work there helpful in suggesting the right product for what I need. I also like their sales. My favorite is the one where, if you buy two of something, the third one is free. Last November I needed some hairspray. I …

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Feb 18

Insta-success with Instagram

Twitter is stupid, and Instagram is for people who can’t read.”–Max, 2 Broke Girls I always think of that quote when I mention Instagram to others.  Instagram is a social site for sharing snapshots.  If you don’t like taking pictures, this post won’t be for you, but you should read to the end just to …

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Feb 16

Tall Tales

My husband’s grandmother, Roseanna, prominently displayed a picture of herself sitting atop a camel. The memory had been captured while she was on vacation in Egypt. The one time I visited her home, I noticed the photograph hanging on a wall. I silently admired her sense of adventure and her confidence in traveling alone to …

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