April 2015 archive

Apr 24

Down Vinyl Album Memory Lane

I’m getting ready to do some major remodeling and redecorating of a couple of rooms in my house.  In order to prepare a staging area I’m working on cleaning out my ‘leave it’ room as in “I’ll leave it in there and do something with it later.”  Some of those items have been sitting in …

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Apr 23

Headache vs. Heartache

Headache. The name says it all. Tell a stranger you have a headache and he knows exactly what ails you. He might even have a good recommendation to cure it. Like, take a pill. Tell a stranger you have a heartache and he has no idea what to say next. There is no simple recommendation, …

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Apr 21

Why Travel?

Why Travel? by Claire Murray @ClaireAAMI Why do people travel? Why do I travel? I’ve thought about this a lot, especially the first night when I’m back home from a trip. I’m warm and comfy in my own bed. As I snuggle in I think, it’s so good to be back home. But, the next day …

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Apr 18

How do you choose a writing journal?

Just like magic wands, a journal must choose you. As a child, I expressed my deepest thoughts, heartbreak and angst in various hardcover journals, college-ruled notebooks and at least one Dear Diary with a metal lock. Did you pour your heart out in a journal? I still journal, but not as much as I used …

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Apr 16

The Kingdom Belongs to Children

Max crouched down, squished himself in between two other six-year olds and waited eagerly, like a compressed spring about to uncoil, for his turn.  He looked up at his older cousin, Alexandra, and whispered, “What’s a sin?” He was a little embarrassed and hoped no one other than Alexandra had heard him. She had seen …

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