June 2015 archive

Jun 24

Summer Snow

It’s summer snow time!  Not freak storms where six-sided frozen ice crystals fall on the ground as if it were December.  I mean the fluffy seed pods that look like cotton floating in the air.  Watching the aerobatics of these fuzzy flyers always brings a smile to my face.  Even now as a storm brews …

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Jun 23

Playing Leapfrog

With Knock Softly (KS) finished, it’s time to clean up. But first, the statistics. With “The End,” KS crossed the finish line at 128,814 words, 448 pages in manuscript format, in 44 Chapters. It took 21 months to write and I compiled 28 pages of notes, plus a thick folder of printed articles. There are …

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Jun 21

If It Wasn’t for Bad Luck

When it comes to electronics, I often think of that old saying, “If it wasn’t for bad luck, I wouldn’t have any luck at all.” For some time I’ve been thinking about buying a new printer. My old HP Photosmart worked fine until I bought a new laptop. Actually, it worked great. Whenever I wanted …

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Jun 18

Books and Death

I recently read a blogpost reflecting on the death of author Terry Pratchett.  Terry Pratchett…why did that name sound familiar to me? The reflective blogger lived in the UK and noted that Pratchett was a best-selling English author of fantasy novels.  I guess that’s why I hadn’t heard the news.  He must be a bigger …

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Jun 16

The Rich and (In)famous

Being able to travel is one privilege I never take for granted. As a writer, everywhere I go, I try to keep my eyes open for something unique. What better place to find material than a crowded airport? You never know who you’ll bump into. The day after we attended the 141st Kentucky Derby, my …

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