June 2015 archive

Jun 15

Snow Bunny

Learning to downhill ski all began with a $15 high school birthday present. A friend and I had seen a skiing movie and it seemed so easy, gliding down snowy slopes and carving turns. We needed to get our hands on the equipment and teach ourselves how to slide down hills. What could be simpler? …

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Jun 10

Idea Spring

I had a thought about a story I’m working on, it just happened to be while I was in the shower. Of course, it was gone before I could write it down, which is as frustrating as an itch I just can’t quite reach. It’s the one place not conducive to paper, pencil, a computer, …

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Jun 08

One Part Genesis, One Part Darwin and One Part Machiavelli

Although I might plan to relax or sleep, writing ideas germinate at the oddest times. I jot a note on Monday to write about one topic. Tuesday counters with a new subject or two. Wednesday offers three more choices. After the month passes, I have pages of new ideas for short stories, posts, and even …

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Jun 07

In the Beginning – Make It Up

“The scariest moment is always just before you start.” – Stephen King What causes a writer to stare uncertainly at the blank white page: lack of unique ideas, not sure of how to start a powerful memoir, or even the most effective way to begin a thriller? “Story Starters” by Lou Willett Stanek, PhD. has …

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Jun 03

The Bookbug: Catch the bug

While visiting Kalamazoo, MI for the show, Last Comic Standing, at Western Michigan University, I came across a gem of a bookstore: The Bookbug.   Located in a plaza, the Bookbug is an independently owned store in an area with one other bookstore, Barnes and Noble. This can make survival of a small business challenging. …

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