May 2016 archive

May 15


  While attending college in Flint, a friend, Dale, asked if I would like to go rabbit hunting the following Saturday on his father’s farm. Weather was promising and I was looking forward to just enjoying a day outdoors tramping around on a Saturday in fresh air and sunlight. I hadn’t brought a .22 squirrel-hunting …

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May 10

Hot Blacktop – Chapter 11 Full Throttle

Mature Content Sienna didn’t believe the words Saint spoke; she couldn’t. He didn’t love her. She shook her head, but he held her still. “Yes, Sienna. I love you,” Saint’s words hung like a sticky web in her mind. It would only mean more hurt, the words becoming a lie when he finally left. She did …

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May 08

I Pitched an Agent, and I Liked It

Most people will never pitch a book to an agent, because the experience ranks somewhere among swimming with sharks, getting naked in front of strangers and driving in Detroit with your doors unlocked. I planned to keep my pitches to the baseball field or the horse barn. Yet, outside conference room C, I paced and …

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May 04

The Trip of a Lifetime: Australia and New Zealand Part 1

My husband, Roger, and I arrived in Los Angeles on Tuesday, March 15 ready for the 8:00 pm flight to Melbourne, Australia. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I’d go to “the land down under.” When he first asked if I wanted to travel to Australia and New Zealand, I simply said, “Sure.” …

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May 01

Editors Note: Self-Marketing – An Author’s Responsibility

In publishing, the conventional wisdom is that authors are their best marketers. This idea is sometimes a hard pill to swallow. Authors love to write. That’s what they do. Marketing is a distraction that should be pushed on to the publishers. Right? Um, no. People buy books because they like the premise, the subject, and/or …

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