September 2016 archive

Sep 27

Star Trek Heritage: Chapter One, Pt. 1

She was having trouble concentrating with that incessant beeping coming from the proximity sensors, but she didn’t stop working. The Borg Cube was closing in. They hadn’t sent any members of their hive onto the ship, but that was hardly reassuring. The rest of the crew aboard the USS Heritage was currently unconscious and that …

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Sep 24

Tourist Attraction

“We’re here, Grandpa,” said Billy as the car came to a stop. John’s mind was too occupied by the gray ship in the distance to respond to his grandson. The longer John looked at the ship, the bigger the knot in his stomach grew. Hoping not to betray his unease, he spoke to his daughter, …

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Sep 23

Dining Here Tonight

  You are dining in a fine, four-star restaurant this evening, being catered to by a world renowned chef. By far, this is the finest eatery you have ever been to and you’re apprehensive as you walk up, afraid you will feel out of place. You cannot make a reservation for Here – that’s the …

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Sep 21

Being Mortal*

Have you read Being Mortal by Atul Gawande yet? It’s a very interesting book on several levels. Being a writer, I learned from seeing him make his points through telling stories. He told stories about his patients, himself, and his family. It gave the book an intimate feel, like this could be happening to me …

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Sep 18

Coffee Shop Chronicles: The Details of People

Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company Detroit, MI July 2015 Here I am. How dependent we are on our electronic devices. I love that the baristas here write names on the for-here mug.  I feel personalized.  I’m drinking the Brazil, so this reminds me what cuppa of coffee to get next : this or try something new. …

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