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Nov 03

Pieces and Pages – First 2 Find a Gem

Geocaching is a fun, year round activity. You take coordinates from the geocaching website, enter them into a GPS device such as an app on your phone, and go on a treasure hunt. It’s amazing the gems you can find. In geocaching there is a concept: First to Find (F2F). When a cache is set …

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Aug 18

Amazon, Hachette and “the wretched $9.99 price point”

Print is dead. At least, that’s what the Big Five publishing houses fear. One company is fighting the potential loss of sales and its possible demise in a public battle that affects readers and writers alike. Before 2007 or so, the only way an author’s story was read was through a print copy in brick-and-mortar …

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Aug 03

Entering the Ogre’s Cave: Book Castle’s Movie World

Metaphors can be a tool for building strong visual connections and entertain. I’ve thought often about this gem of a store that I found hidden in the most unlikely place. What follows is my attempt to bring to life the emotional links to a place worth visiting if you’re ever in downtown Burbank, CA. Book …

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Jun 03

Voyaging at the Dawn Treader

When writing non-fiction, there is much from fiction that can be incorporated. Metaphors and storytelling are important tools in such a writer’s toolbox. In what may be a series of pieces about bookstores across the United States, and a few other countries along my travels, I will explore these locations with an eye for using …

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