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Dec 18

Reflections on Resolutions and Writing

‘Tis the season. What does your season look like? It’s December, and I’m running around with holiday madness. I don’t have the time to remember my gift list let alone what I did or didn’t accomplish this year. In fact, if hadn’t written them down, I’d have forgotten I even had thoughts to change my …

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Nov 23

November can be Tough

Things always seem to go to hell in November. But first, an update on Alice. The 150th Anniversary Edition of Alice’s Adventures Under Ground is due to be released in book format on 11/22 (yesterday), but I received my e-book version of the story last week and was delighted. The quality is excellent. They kept to …

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Aug 16

Marital Advice for Grammarians

I never want to be thought of as an annoying individual who likes to point out other people’s mistakes. With that in mind, when my husband recently said “…for you and I,” I stopped myself from saying, “You mean, ‘for you and me.’” In that brief moment between hearing the mistake and wanting to straighten …

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Jul 06

Shut the Noise

“Nothing will ever be attempted if all possible objections must first be overcome.” Samuel Johnson Do you edit as you write? Do you struggle with every word, sentence, paragraph, character, and scene before you decide that your writing is not yet perfect? Do you hit the delete button more often than the save button? Do …

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Jun 23

Playing Leapfrog

With Knock Softly (KS) finished, it’s time to clean up. But first, the statistics. With “The End,” KS crossed the finish line at 128,814 words, 448 pages in manuscript format, in 44 Chapters. It took 21 months to write and I compiled 28 pages of notes, plus a thick folder of printed articles. There are …

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