Writers’ Schedule

The Deadwood Writers Blog offers unique voices. They explore different aspects of writing from guidance on craft and structure to getting inside the thinking of writers about their writing. Experience all the voices and immerse yourself in the ones that speak to you.

The numbers represent the dates each month when each blogger is scheduled to post.

Date                Writers

1st —                John McCarthy (Editor’s Log)

5th–                 Jeanette Adams

6th —                 Book Lover

8th —                 Karen Kittrell

10th —               Wendi Knape

15th —                Jon Reed

16th —               Kelly Bixby

17th–               Jennette

18th —               Diana Hirsch

21st —               Claire Murray

23rd–              Phil Rosette & Jack Rosette

24th —               Sue Remisiewicz

28th-                Erica Stensrud