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Deadwood Writers Voices 1 Year Anniversary

Editor’s Log 02/03/15 One year ago, the Deadwood Writers’ Voices opened its first issue. There was no fanfare. But it was another momentous step that the group took in its journey along the writer’s path. A group of brave authors committed themselves to publishing  a monthly piece along the theme of writing. Backed by a …

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Cruise’n for a good read

by John McCarthy: Twitter – Pinterest I recently retuned from a cruise along the Caribbean on the Disney Fantasy. Eight days off the grid—no internet or cellular connection—is a vacation in and of itself. One of the best activities during this time was lounging in a wicker chair with an unobstructed view of the ocean. I read …

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Writing Commitments for 2015: What’s yours?

With a new year days away, it’s that time where people make resolutions for the changes they’re making. How next year will be different because… The problem is that most resolutions are broken, perhaps because they seem more like wishes, hopes, or dreams. At the last meeting of 2014 for the Deadwood Writers, I invited …

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Joe’s Place

I’m sometimes asked what do I most enjoy about visiting bookstores. My first thought is the excitement of possibly finding a book that I’ve been searching for or a book that I’d not realized that I was searching for. Usually it’s one signed by the author or an older paperback that can only be found …

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Pieces and Pages – First 2 Find a Gem

Geocaching is a fun, year round activity. You take coordinates from the geocaching website, enter them into a GPS device such as an app on your phone, and go on a treasure hunt. It’s amazing the gems you can find. In geocaching there is a concept: First to Find (F2F). When a cache is set …

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