October 2015 archive

Oct 15


– Wages – By Jon Reed Once upon a time, companies paid employees by handing them paper checks issued by a payroll department every other Friday afternoon. Not surprisingly, attendance was higher those days, much to the irritation of management. Except, of course, if Michigan’s first day of deer season fell on a November 15th …

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Oct 10

Hot Blacktop Ch. 4 – The Ex-Boyfriend

Saint moved toward the front door, hobbled on one foot getting his second boot on just as a thump had him turning toward the noise. A disheveled Sienna stumbled over a step coming down the stairs as she turned on a light. He blinked and adjusted to the brightness. When he got a look at …

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Oct 08

Diary of a Binge Reader

Donna Tartt’s, The Goldfinch, hijacked my social life for the past two weeks. And consequently, my life as a binge reader emerged once again. For months, I can exist perfectly content on my diet of short stories. Then, the unwieldy novel finds me unsatisfied in my 5000 word count stories, lures me to a world …

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Oct 06


“Writing: Somewhere between torture and fun.” – The Write Practice “I just sit at my typewriter and curse a bit.” — P.G. Wodehouse Frustration My current project, an historical novel, started as a short story written during a creative writing class. The sudden death of an important, but minor, character propelled the scenes to a …

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Oct 03

Top 5 Myths about the “Real World”

Top 5 Myths about the “Real World” by John McCarthy I recently read a syllabus for a college course that struck me as odd. According to the syllabus, the instructor stated that he was preparing his students for the real world. How? If students brought out their cell phone in class they would immediately be …

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