June 2016 archive

Jun 15


If you’ve never fractured a bone, you’re either lucky or should work on a more interesting life. Fracturing a bone is more than painful; it’s a frightful experience. My first occurred when I was 17 years-old, delivering a box of frozen deer-carcass chunks from my father to a friend in the neighborhood. Don’t ask. As …

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Jun 10

Hot Blacktop Ch. 12 – Danny

Saint’s heart tripped in his chest. Something didn’t feel right. His eyes opened, and he reached for Sienna. His hand went to the bed. Still warm. He listened. Experienced with the worst, his past with his sister and her drug abuse, Saint’s hearing narrowed for any disturbance. Sienna was in the living room. His feet …

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Jun 08

Give It To Me Straight – Fates and Furies (Part 1/3)

Then, play it again. Readers of Fates and Furies find a big story of modern marriage and relationship wrapped between the covers of this National Book Award Finalist. Lauren Groff’s novel offers a wealth of literary resources with her creative reinvention of structure, style and character. This three part analysis begins with storytelling and structure. …

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Jun 06

The Trip of a Lifetime: Australia and New Zealand Part 2

After we boarded the coach on Saturday, March 19, our tour guide, Ronan McChesney, counted his flock of 22, then said, “Close your eyes.” Oh, Lord, I thought. We have to pray. How bad is this coach driver? “Visualize your room,” Ronan said. “Did you leave anything in the bathroom? On the hook behind the …

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Jun 05

Fallout 3: WTF Moments

Despite now being an avid fan and having logged over 300 collective hours of gameplay, I had zero knowledge of the Fallout video game series until I took a game design class at a local community college. One of my classmates played a clip of the first twenty-some minutes of Fallout 3 while pointing out …

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