A Possibility

“It’s the possibility that keeps me going, not the guarantee.” — Nicholas Sparks

I’ve always enjoyed the written word and wrote short stories and poetry while in elementary school. In middle school, I wrote for the school paper. My goal was to write for the high school paper. Unfortunately, I became the high school advertising editor because I could easily approach businesses for advertising dollars. But I continued to write in private.

As an adult, I wrote about a theatrical group hoping that I could get an article published in the local paper. I was ecstatic when, not only was my article published but, I was offered a job as a feature journalist for the paper. I couldn’t leave my much better paying job, but it gave me ideas about the possibility of a future in writing.

I continued to write short fiction and memoirs and entered writing contests. Success with several of my memoirs being published in anthologies and a few short story contest winnings gave me encouragement. I’ve continued to write short fiction, but the possibility of completing a full length novel for publication is still there. As I work on my manuscript, I know that there is no guarantee of publication, but the possibility keeps me going.

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