Writing Commitments for 2015: What’s yours?


With a new year days away, it’s that time where people make resolutions for the changes they’re making. How next year will be different because…

The problem is that most resolutions are broken, perhaps because they seem more like wishes, hopes, or dreams.

At the last meeting of 2014 for the Deadwood Writers, I invited the members to come up with commitments to grow themselves as writers. As they share their plans below, the invitation is extended to you:

What are 1 to 3 concrete steps that you will take to improve yourself as a writer. Be specific and concrete–something you can track or measure.

Non-example A: I will be a published author this year.

Example A:

  1. I will complete a short story or article.
  2. I will compose a query letter for the story or article.
  3. I will use Writers Market to identify 5-10 publishers who accept simultaneous submissions and send the query letter with the short story or article.

Non-Example B: I will write more this year.

Example B:

  1. I will read 25 books within the genres that I want to write.
  2. I will write a draft of 2 stories that fits within the genres.
  3. I will share these drafts with 3 people for their feedback regarding fitting the genre, plot development, and character development.

Share your writing commitments in the comments section below.

Now here are Writing Commitments by members of the Deadwood Writers…

John McCarthy

  1. I will read at least 10 books across genres that I like to write about: Education, Fantasy, Horror, Young Adult. I’ll write a review on Good Reads or Amazon or on this blog.
  2. I will learn writing techniques from the writing styles of at least 3 authors from reading their work, which I’ll share during the Deadwood Writers’ study sessions.
  3. I will create a detailed outline and chapters for an Education book on Differentiated Instruction for the 2*+ Century — to be shared with 3 writer colleagues for feedback.

Claire Murray

  1. I will start writing my blog post earlier each month this year.
  2. I will focus my attention more on the humor in the situations that are happening around me so I have more things to write about.
  3. I will read a book on writing.

Book Lover

  1. I will enter the Writer’s Digest Short Story Contest
  2. I will send two short humor pieces to Reader’s Digest
  3. I will write 25,000 words of my novel

Karen Kittrell

  1. Continue study on flash fiction by reading at least one writing book and attending at least one appropriate workshop.
  2. Submit to at least one contest, magazine, editor or agent.
  3. Write for Deadwood Writers’ Voices and/or create my own blog.

David Buehrle

  1. Set aside 8 hours per week for writing,
  2. Read 2-3 books that can guide me to better writing techniques.
  3. Let 7 days pass after writing a section before beginning my own edits.

Wendi Knape

  1. Complete final edit for A New Life in January.
  2. Prepare and send A New Life manuscript query letters to 10 or more agents in February.
  3. Complete the first draft of The Girl and the EMT (working title) I started writing while doing NaNoWriMo. I will be as diligent as I was while doing NaNoWriMo. I was about half way through the manuscript when I reached 50,000 words.

Victoria Wright

  1. I will rejoin the deadwood writers voices blog.
  2. I will attend a writing retreat.
  3. I will read 2 or more books about writing.

Diana Hirsch

  1. (A) Find an editor and (B) publish my memoir before June 2015.
  2. Explore at least one new book/genre and revisit an old favorite.
  3. Set aside time to journal at least once a month.


  1. I will build an author’s website.
  2. I will query at least 15 more agents by mid February.
  3. I will blog for the Deadwood Writers’ Voices (and possibly more websites).

Kelly Bixby

  1. Write a children’s book.
  2. Interview two key people for the biography I’m working on.
  3. Submit at least one article to a magazine.

Sue Remisiewicz

  1. I will start work on one of the novels I have floating in my head.
  2. I will enter one writing contest.
  3. I will put the final edits on the two stories sitting unfinished on my desk.


  1. I will finish my story, Tangled Web.
  2. I will begin work on an original (non-fanfiction) story I’ve been
    brainstorming on for some time.
  3. I will read a book on writing.

Emily Walker

  1. Finish rough draft of current piece and edit.
  2. Submit a (magazine) publication of some kind.
  3. Attend deadwood’s meetings after the baby is born (at least once/month).

Kook-Wha Koh

  1. I will write monthly blogs.
  2.  I will write travel stories and essays.
  3. I will prepare for self publishing the third book in early part of 2016.


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    • Claire Murray on December 25, 2015 at 3:30 pm
    • Reply

    1. I will read three books this year on writing techniques that will help me to improve my writing.

    2. I will write one article a month for publication.

    3. I will read four books across genres that I am interested in writing in for the future.

      • Barbara Pattee, Book Lover on December 30, 2015 at 10:39 pm
      • Reply

      Your commitments sound doable. Good luck in the new year.

    • Book Lover on December 30, 2014 at 9:23 pm
    • Reply

    John, thank you for encouraging us to share our writing commitments. This will keep us focused on what we want to get done.

    • Yibbity on December 28, 2014 at 11:24 am
    • Reply

    Wishing you ALL the best in your endeavors for 2015!!!

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