Why Travel?

Why Travel? by Claire Murray @ClaireAAMI

Why do people travel? Why do I travel? I’ve thought about this a lot, especially the first night when I’m back home from a trip. I’m warm and comfy in my own bed. As I snuggle in I think, it’s so good to be back home.

But, the next day or week or month, there I am: Thinking about our next trip. There is so much to see, to do.

A week ago Michael and I left cold Ann Arbor for sunny Florida. We had signed up for a Road Scholar in St. Augustine. What a change in scenery and weather!

As the driver took us from the airport in Jacksonville to the hotel in St. Augustine, we drove down a smooth, new expressway. I looked carefully: no potholes, not one. Tall trees with green branches lined up neatly on either side of the expressway for miles. It was very different from the rough and tumble of California where you have redwood forests on one side of the highway and the ocean on the other. Everything was so neat in Florida. I almost wondered if someone had come out that morning and swept the road.

The driver kept talking about how cold it was: 55 degrees going up to 72. I kept thinking: How wonderful! 55 degrees and the sun is shinning. I don’t need a parka or gloves or a scarf. This is heaven!

After we checked into the hotel, we grabbed our dark glasses and walked down to the beach. Things had warmed up a little by then. I could feel the sun’s heat. I felt like I’d been wrapped in a warm blanket.

The hotel was directly in front of the Atlantic Ocean and had a swimming beach but it was a long straight walk to the water’s edge. Apparently in Florida, no one is allowed to build on the beach or back just a little. The closest you can build is about a block or more from the ocean.

The sand was smooth and the waves made it squishy under out feet. It was tan and glistened in the wet and heat of the afternoon.

The Atlantic Ocean here is so different from the Pacific, which I’m more used to. The Atlantic is much quieter and calmer near the shore. It’s a darker blue and extends way out with very few waves. It was a very calm, peaceful experience. I was glad we had come and we hadn’t even started our Road Scholar program yet!

Coming from cold and snowy Michigan, I felt like I was entering a whole new world. The climate, setting, and ambiance were so different.

I think that’s why people travel. It’s an opportunity to experience a whole new world for a short time. Then it’s nice to go home. That’s why I travel.

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  1. Claire, my husband and I also enjoy traveling. There is so much to see, to do, and to enjoy in various parts of our country and the rest of the world. Returning home to our own comfortable bed is wonderful, but looking forward to our next trip is always exciting.