Editor’s Log – April 2016 for Deadwood Writers

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With April comes Spring–a time of renewal and rebirth. It’s a time to seek inspiration and reflect on our past actions that may determine our future. Spring is an exciting time to try new paths along life’s journey. Many of the publications this month deal with choices and trying new experiences. Here is a sneak preview of what is to come this month. Come back to revisit these stories and be inspired to comment about your own.

  • Barbara Pattee’s Happy Anniversary, M & M’s®
    April 6
    This heart warming story shows that sterile rules can be followed and still show compassion for what children care about.
  • Karen Kittrell’s Little Free Libraries Deliver the Goods
    April 8
    Karen takes us on a journey of 3 must visit libraries. It’s amazing the character and personality that each library has. After reading about her experiences, I want to visit them myself.
  • Claire Murray’s Istanbul Passage: A Novel
    April 21
    “What makes this story so interesting is that the author, Joseph Kanon, makes Istanbul, the city, a character in his story. He’s constantly describing the neighborhoods, the streets, the mosques, the bazar and best of all the boats that go back and forth between the European and Asian sides.”
  • Sue Remi’s River Crossing
    April 24
    This Flash Fiction focuses on 18 year old girl, Jilly. What do we do when given a warning? What should determine if we listen?

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