Hot Blacktop – Chapter 11 Full Throttle

Mature Content

Sienna didn’t believe the words Saint spoke; she couldn’t. He didn’t love her. She shook her head, but he held her still.

“Yes, Sienna. I love you,” Saint’s words hung like a sticky web in her mind. It would only mean more hurt, the words becoming a lie when he finally left. She did her best to ignore her heart ready to burst into a million pieces.

“We’ve only known each other a few weeks.”legs

“It doesn’t matter. I love you,” he said again and moved a breath away from her.

Sienna wanted to believe him. Badly. Her head shook in denial, but Saint took her face into his hands and held her with care. She tried to pull away, knowing if she let herself succumb to what she truly wanted, all too soon he would find she wasn’t worth much, an affair easily walked away from. Instead, she drew up her skirt and straddled his lap. Sienna knew he would give in and his hands loosened enough that she was able to maneuver closer to his lap, grinding down on his now hard cock. This time it was only about his hands on her, skin on skin, the heat that radiated toward her when he was close. Lust permeated his stare as he held her eyes.

She needed to take control of the situation. It would only be about sex, she told herself. Sienna grabbed onto the back of his head, threaded her fingers through his hair and yanked him in close. She slammed her lips down onto his. Her tongue pressed hard against his lips, and he opened for her. She took his mouth like she was starving for him. Her mouth parted wider hoping he would deepen the kiss even more, and she swirled her tongue around his. She reached deep, lingered, stretching the moment. Her breath was his as his was hers.

Long capable fingers grabbed onto her hips. He wanted her motionless, but she didn’t want to tame her wildness and didn’t do as he wished. She struggled to move, but he didn’t allow her the slightest shift. She groaned in protest, “No,” she said with a gasp, “don’t slow down!” She tried to grind her clit against his pants. He didn’t allow it.  But she took him off guard and yanked him forward slamming her lips back onto his. She nipped, licked, sucked, until he returned to her in full force. His arms wrapped around her and swept up and into her hair. Then she felt his fingers gliding down her back finding their way to her ass, once again stopping at her hips. He took back control. She whimpered into his seeking mouth, and he clutched her hips now, helping her grind down onto him.

Sienna wiggled her arms out from under his so she could reach for his zipper.

Saint clutched her fingers as she fumbled to get his cock in her hands and then inside, to relieve the ache that swelled inside her body.

“Stop Sienna.”

She ignored him. Her kiss became desperate.

“This isn’t what you want sweetheart.”

She shook her head when he pulled away and her mouth followed his as he moved away. His hand came to the side of her head and he held her steady, she tried to press closer, but he held her. Her breaths billowed in her lungs. Sienna needed to touch him and be touched.

“Saint please,” she forced herself not to whine. “I need you to fuck me. Need you inside me.”

“No, baby. You’re not in control of this. I am.”

Her eyes widened and then narrowed. She tried to move in again, to take back control using her hands and mouth.

With one hand Saint locked her in place. His other, he used his fingers to rake through her hair and clamped her long locks tight like an animal caught in a trap. Sienna whimpered because she knew if he took complete control she’d surrender, the need for him too great to deny anymore. Behind the walls she’d built years ago, her heart started beating hard against the invisible brick and mortar, the pressure building until fissure after fissure threatened to tear them down. If she let them fall, she would be lost to him and the love she felt. The love she kept denying every time she looked into his warm eyes. God, she was in love with him too. She struggled like a cornered animal but to no avail. This intimacy could only be about sex she told herself. “This is about sex, nothing more.” She said aloud to convince him she meant to fuck him. Saint just smiled. Sienna wanted to scream in his face that he didn’t love her, and she didn’t love him, but his sexy smirk just grew larger.

“Please, Saint.” He still held both her hands at his zipper. She tried to break free and take his mouth again, but his control was complete. “Please,” she begged.

He shook his head and smiled. “I love you Sienna. And you’ll know it by the end of tonight,” he kissed her chin, behind her ear, “when I touch,” the grip in her hair tightened even more, “and taste you…everywhere. When I make love to you…taking your sweet,” she gasped when his hand slid down to her panties and one of his fingers swirled through her folds, “wet,” he smiled, she moaned, “pussy.”

Sienna’s breaths came faster as he pressed in with that same finger. Her hips began to rock the instant it sunk in, his finger pumping slow and steady on the perfect spot. Her moans filled his mouth as Saint took his time holding her during the leisure climb that was torture of the most erotic kind. He pressed in another finger and pushed them deep, holding there. She tried to grind onto them. He held her still while his fingers moved inside her again, in and out, in a slow, lazy glide that left her wanting to scream. It was maddening. Then he curled his fingers and tapped on her G-spot, over and over again, the slow, steady pace ruining her. Her head fell back, and she panted as the sensation made her body race toward and orgasm that grew to volcanic heights.

“Harder,” she said.

“No, not yet,” he said through a clenched jaw.

“Please,” the word a guttural groan.

“My pace.” Her stare locked on his. She wanted to fight him every step of control he tried to take back from her but what she saw in his eyes…her breath caught in her throat.  He wanted this between them. Oh, God! She thought. He does love me.

He added his thumb to the action, pressing her clit. She started to breath, but then her inner walls detonated spasm after spasm around his fingers. Oxygen entered and exited her lungs in jagged puffs. The edge of the final fall so close. Yet, it wasn’t enough to take her over the edge. She tried again to move. He held firm. When his thumb started to attack her clit with small flicks, she wanted to scream for him to let her come. But his relentlessness didn’t allow her to take what she wanted as his torture across her sensitive nub continued. The pace quickened even more. Her breaths joined to match it, faster and faster they came, harder. And then she did scream his name and her head fell back heavy in the glory of it. The orgasm steam rolled over her in a wash of heat that turned her skin to fire. “Saint! God, yes.”

“Ride the wave, Sienna.”

Her inner walls hugged his fingers in hot spasms “Yes!” When they began to slow, his fingers loosened on her hip and his kisses were soft and gentle as the violence of the orgasm settled and finally became still. But then she was up and in his arms, her dress at her waist and her mind in a sexual haze. She didn’t realize where he was taking her until she felt the comforter under her and his hard body on top of hers.

She looked up at him as he came over her, his eyes smiling as his lips curled into their smile. He ran the tips of his finger across her forehead, down her cheek, and then feathered across the top of her breasts. Sienna shivered, and her nipples hardened again. She blinked, tried to clear her mind, but he had done a good job at taking all her resistance.

“Now it’s time to get serious.”

Her eyes widened with surprise. Was he kidding? Wasn’t what they just did serious enough? Her mouth opened to say something, but then it closed because he took that second of her disbelief and used it against her. Before she knew it, Saint had removed her dress. The fabric was whisked above her head and off. He threw the garment to the floor. Then he moved down her body straddling her hips. She barely had time to take a breath, let alone set him straight about how this would go. Saint took advantage of her lapse, undid her bra and then ripped her panties off.

“And what I mean by that is, we’re going to go on a lot of dates,” he kissed her hard, “and make love,” kiss, “a lot.” He pinched her nipples and she moaned. “On the couch, the bed, in my apartment, your kitchen. Everywhere.” Saint sucked her nipple into his mouth, hard. Her back arched. “And finally, this between you and me,” he kissed her nipple and ran his tongue across it to ease the sting, “it’s a relationship. I’m not going to let you push me away anymore.”

She tried to do exactly that as she lay before exposed fully, for the first time. And if she didn’t take the power back, she would be naked to him in other ways. She went to sit up and reach for Saint, his still clothed body came down on hers, and it was his turn to grind down onto her now bare mound. Their moans mingled at the delightful pressure that he continued her torture.

She wiggled to gain some advantage, but he’d pinned her to the bed.

“Saint,” she growled, “let me take your clothes off. I need to feel you against me. I need you inside me.”

His eyes burned with lust and then he smiled a wicked smile. “I know what you’re trying to do,” he said. “But Sienna, I know how you really feel,” he touched between her breasts, “and it’s not going to work. You’re not going to make me believe that this is just a quick fuck.” His words were harsh, yet she still shivered. Not from the rough sexual language, but from the promise behind them. His true promise. She could feel his words imprint on her skin, boring into her heart like a brand made by the heat of his hands. Sienna’s eyes filled with moisture. She blinked, ignoring the tears wanting to spill over.

Could she believe him? She thought. Really? The question was so repetitive in her mind she was going mad with it. Deep down there was a shining glimmer of truth that warmed her to the bone. Sienna squeezed her eyes shut desperate to make what she saw behind his stare go away, to fight her feelings. She’d face them another day. But she’d come to the conclusion regarding Saint and her…it wasn’t going to work.

“Open your eyes, Sienna.” She did. “There you are,” he whispered so close to her that she could feel his breath on her lips, and then he kissed her so softly she ached down to her soul.

“Oh, God.” She whispered against his lips.

Saint trailed kisses down her cheek, to her neck and across to the opposite side. His fingers feathered across her skin, stopped at each nipple in turn, tweaked, and rolled the peaks. He licked, and sucked them until she thought she’d orgasm just from that alone. Sienna moaned with each caress, and it was almost too much to bear. When he rolled his hips against her pussy she writhed under him and then his heat was gone. He lifted up and all she could do was watch as he took his time stripping for her. Saint stood next to the bed, undid his pants and stepped out of them, but she paid no mind because he stood next to her, his masculinity, the sinew, smooth dips and sweeps of muscles highlighted what proudly stood at attention between his legs, for her. She licked her lips and he groaned this time and she watched as he took his thick, long cock in his hand and pumped it once, twice, and then knelt on the bed coming slowly down on her, her legs parting to make room for him.

“Saint,” She said, his name a word that begged him for what she needed, for him to take her, to make her feel whole again, wanting it in so many different ways. “Saint,” she said again, this time like a prayer.

He tore open a condom, lifted up and rolled it down his cock. Her eyes followed the motion. When he came back down on her, she expected him to sink deep into her, but instead, his hard shaft met her weeping sex. She mewed through each glide Saint made.

“Open your eyes, baby.” When had she closed them?

When their gazes met once again, he rocked back, and with one sweet push, he was inside her, the pressure deep, unforgiving, and beautiful. “Mmm,” Sienna hummed. He stopped when he was fully seated inside her.

“Say the words, Sienna.”

“Please move,” she said. Sienna grabbed his hips, wrapped her legs around him locking them in place and began to rock up onto to him. But he shook his head and stopped her.

“The words, Sienna,” he said even more softly.

Now she was getting angry. She tried to push him off. He ground down and pumped into her, enough movement to get her ramped up again. “Ohhh!”

Saint slowly pulled out to almost the tip and then slammed home and then settled in again. She dug her nails into his biceps, but he wasn’t budging.

“Sienna?” He caressed her hair and moved his hand down to her nipple and rolled it between thumb and index finger. She whimpered. Her eyes filled again. Her head turned back and forth. He dropped his lips to ease the ache in her breast stroking it with his tongue and against her lips when he came back to her. Saint thrust again, and he said, “I love you.”

At that moment, hearing those words again, her heart tore open. Her walls didn’t just fall they exploded. That’s when Saint started to move in earnest. Thrust upon thrust, her inner walls spasmed in growing need. With each thrust, he told her he loved her over and over, until the need she kept bottled up so deep inside her joined in with his mantra and her words were a chorus that matched his.

“I love you too, Saint. God. I love you too.” She ignored her inner voice of warning about the future and let the light inside her heart burst forth. Sienna’s motion became almost frantic as Saint continued to manipulate her nipples while his hard cock drove into her, each grunt and push of her hips to match his. Then her orgasm burst across every cell in her body. It danced through each limb and her back arched, and her screams of abandon filled the room. Saint slammed into her over and over, his grunts primal and forceful. With each, she spasmed even more. A final thrust caught her in another climax so intense that she could feel it everywhere each nerve flexing with its pulse that blended with Saint’s long moan, the heat of his come filling her up in ways she never imagined. He collapsed onto her and quickly rolled to the side taking her with him, her back to his front, his arms wrapping in an intimate hug, their breaths matching in fierceness echoing in her ear until they both settled into the silence of the room.

Sienna’s eyes pinched shut. “What have I done?” She whispered so softly she didn’t expect Saint to hear her. She told him she loved him. Sienna felt Saint tighten up all over which meant that he hugged her even closer.

“That’s right, Sienna, honey. You love me.”

Sienna bit her lip hard. She did love him. Her mind screamed that she shouldn’t trust anything about what was between them. But her heart…

Sienna lay in the soft bed stiff in her fear until Saint’s grip loosened around her.

Had he fallen asleep?

She needed to leave.

She had to bring herself back around to the idea that this was just sex. It would end. At least then she could pretend she didn’t love him.  But she knew he wouldn’t let her go, not after what they shared.

Sienna would focus on getting Saint’s help with Danny. Not dwelling on how she felt for Saint. That’s what she’d do. They’d get the scared boy to a safe place.

She took a deep breath and tried not to disturb Saint.

Sienna thought about her mother showing up. What amount of money could she possibly give to the woman that would make the situation, one bad enough that her mother attacked her, go away? She started to shiver and Saint’s arms held her tighter. God!

“Everything will be okay, Sienna. You’ll see.” She held her breath, but his breathing evened out again.

Even though Saint held her in the dark, all Sienna could see as she stared at the ceiling was her mother’s face, worn, sunken and pitted from drugs. Her eyes blank and lifeless, her fingers digging into Sienna’s arms.

Her head turned toward the door at a noise. Her phone was ringing. She looked over to Saint. He was out so she eased out of the bed and escaped to the living room. She didn’t recognize the number.



  1. It’s a goal to self publish my paranormal romance some time this year. I’m glad you’re enjoying Hot Blacktop.

  2. Wow! This should be published as the full novel. When will your books come out? I’ve heard you have two in process?

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