Have you ever had “Writer’s Block”? I have it all the time and I hate it! I’m sitting in front of the computer getting ready to write. My fingers hover over the keys.


Ready! Set! Go!




What am I going to write about? What can I say that anyone, yes anyone, would want to read?


I gained inspiration the last time I went to the Deadwood Writers’ Group. My friend Barbara brought this picture:img_0155


“OMG! Where is that kid when I need him? The last time I had a problem with my computer, I phoned Apple. After waiting 18 minutes on hold, someone picked up.


“Let me connect you to the person who handles that,” he said.


I put the phone on speaker and started answering my email. 20 minutes later and still no one had picked up. I checked my phone. It was still on speaker.


I went back to answering my email. A few more minutes passed. I noticed something. What was it?


OMG! Silence.


I’d been disconnected. My phone said I’d been on hold 25 minutes just to be disconnected. No!


Where is that kid? He may be young but I bet he knows what to do!!!


    • Barbara Pattee on October 23, 2016 at 5:53 pm
    • Reply

    Claire, your writing is delightful. Dealing with writer’s block can be so frustrating. I’m glad the picture helped you.

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