The World is a Book

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” St. Augustine

Efficient packing for trips begins with great shopping. Your luggage choices depend upon your destination and how much you wish to pack. I suggest bags with wheels unless you’re traveling to cities that don’t allow wheeled bags that ruin their cobbled streets and walkways. A backpack to handle short excursions into town is helpful. When my husband, Roger, and I travel by plane we don’t use our twenty-seven-inch bag because I always overpack. That bag is reserved for our road trips when we don’t have to worry about weight limits.

When we travel by plane or train, we take bags no larger than twenty-one-inches. Usually two carry-on bags, a backpack, and a large purse work for me. Roger takes two carry-on bags and a backpack. Some of our friends asked how we can travel with so few bags. The secret is in the purchases we make prior to our trips. Some of our purchases were made at,,, as well as other department stores.

I purchased a dressy black lightweight three-piece wrinkle-resistant outfit that I can mix with various colorful dressy tops. My wrinkle-resistant casual clothes include slacks, shorts, and a variety of tops. I pack one pair of dressy shoes, one pair of casual shoes, and I wear comfortable walking shoes. I also pack a sweater, rain jacket, a small lightweight blanket, and a foldable sunhat depending on our destination.

I keep my costume jewelry to a minimum in a small carrying case. My lingerie is hand washable and quick dry. The shampoo and conditioner I prefer to use on my hair are packed in small, reusable plastic containers as is my body lotion. We always carry a foldable cloth laundry bag to take our dirty clothes to a laundromat.

Roger packs a sport coat, wrinkle-resistant pants, shorts, sport shirts, hand washable quick-drying underwear, one pair of dress shoes, and a Dopp kit for his toiletry items. We each pack a camera and books to read. We still have room for small souvenirs we purchase during our trips.

Prior to our twenty-seven-day trip to Australia and New Zealand, I searched online for information on packing suitcases efficiently. My plan was to take only a wheeled carry-on bag, a backpack, and a large purse. Rolling soft fabrics and folding stiffer ones seemed like an interesting way to pack. Once my bag was packed, I took a picture of my opened bag so that I could remember where each item was placed. This helped me when I repacked for our return home.

Does this give you good ideas for your future travels?

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