Stuck at Home? Now What?

During our current world-wide health crisis, many people have discovered they don’t know how to handle the isolation. Now might be a good time to review your 2020 New Year’s resolutions for something to do.

Is that boring? Let me give you a few suggestions that might interest you.

1. Move – Walk, dance, or follow an exercise expert online.
2. Communicate – Phone a friend.
3. Read – The books on your shelf are gathering dust or you can order new ones. 4. Learn – Take online classes to learn another language or how to do Tai Chi.
5. Create – Try decoupage, painting, drawing, crocheting, knitting, or sewing.
6. Teach – Volunteer online to teach your neighbors’ children, your grandchildren, or adults who need help in navigating the internet.
7. Write – Try journaling what you’re feeling now. Not a writer. So what! No one else will read what you’ve written. Or you could put pen to paper and start the novel you’ve always wanted to write.

Think outside the box. Do you have any suggestions for us to find ways to occupy our time and minds?

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