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A Tale of 3 Bookstores in Seoul, Part I: Bandi Luni’s

In the course of my travels I’ve had the pleasure of visiting some special bookstores in the United States. So it’s an amazing experience to visit some in other parts of the world. While in Seoul, South Korea, there was an opportunity to visit three bookstores in one day. That’s quite a feat for an …

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You Are Naïve, Mr. Park

Quietly Mr. Park closed the heavy blue steel door behind him to avoid waking his wife and four year old granddaughter. It was around 9:00 a.m. and they were still in bed. His son and daughter-in-law had already left for work. As soon as the elevator hit the bottom from the eleventh floor he lingered. …

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Amazing Lady, Jennifer

I went down to the basement through a narrow spiral staircase from the kitchen. The tiny kitchen has a small cooking stove and a large rice cooker on the counter. Jennifer has set up her beauty parlor in the basement and takes care of customers at any time, early morning and late evenings. Customers are …

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