August 2014 archive

Aug 10


When I dream of becoming a published author, I see myself as a stand out amongst a large populous of romance authors. My books sit alongside those written by authors I’ve admired and learned from by reading and being absorbed by the characters they’ve created and the stories they continue to roll out year after …

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Aug 06

What Do You Know?

“Write What You Know.” Original Author Unknown “Beware of advice—even this.” Carl Sandberg   Creative juices are flowing. Your protagonist takes a high-powered position in a renowned law firm to be closer to her love interest. The romance is simple for you to write, however you know almost nothing about a criminal law firm. To …

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Aug 03

Entering the Ogre’s Cave: Book Castle’s Movie World

Metaphors can be a tool for building strong visual connections and entertain. I’ve thought often about this gem of a store that I found hidden in the most unlikely place. What follows is my attempt to bring to life the emotional links to a place worth visiting if you’re ever in downtown Burbank, CA. Book …

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Aug 01

The First Employee at Chrysan Industries

One Saturday in November 1977, I was bending over the sink in the tiny lab cleaning the beakers for the next experiments. “Bang, bang.“ Loud knocking sounded on the front door of the plant from outside on Mt. Elliot Street. Mmm, on Saturday morning?  I wasn’t expecting anyone today. Wiping my hands on paper towels, …

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