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Sep 10

The Monarch

In my last blog Clarity I talked about how much my work has improved since I started writing. What you don’t know is the inspiration that started my writing journey was a monarch butterfly. Laid off from an at-will company (the company didn’t have to tell me why they let me go) in 2003, I …

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Aug 10


When I dream of becoming a published author, I see myself as a stand out amongst a large populous of romance authors. My books sit alongside those written by authors I’ve admired and learned from by reading and being absorbed by the characters they’ve created and the stories they continue to roll out year after …

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Jul 10

Finding the Mind of a Villain

Recently, a computer guru, otherwise known as my husband, replaced my hard-drive with a solid-state drive. Arriving the following evening at the local coffee shop to write, I realized all my files had been transferred to our computer network, leaving me without my manuscript. “So now what,” I asked myself, taking a sip of my …

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Jun 12


Human beings deal with fear every day, be it from external forces or internal pragmatisms. Usually hidden behind a fake smile or a cocky demeanor, it haunts our thoughts and bogs down decisions. Fear affects how we do things, see things, poisoning or strengthening us from the inside out. Think about this. What happens once …

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May 10

Soft, Hard, Harder

When you think romance novel, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Sex, right? Now don’t get distracted visualizing. As the title suggests, sex scenes come in different levels. They can even lean toward a softer side, the more graphic content eliminated. Each has their place in the pages you write. So let’s look …

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