Can I Use My Bathroom?

2015-09 SRemi1I’m embarking into the world of home improvement and remodeling. “Oh no!’ my internal counselor says. “Don’t do it! Your home will be in a shambles for weeks if the contractor says days. Months if he says weeks. You’ve heard all the horror stories. It’s not worth it.” I should listen, but I hate my master bathroom. It’s the only room in the house I couldn’t stand when I purchased the home.





2015-09 SRemi2My intention all along has been to redo it. Until I could decide what I wanted done, I did what I could to make it look passable. I took down the dark green wallpaper with the gold elephants. A throw rug partially covers the yellow and white floor tiles reminiscent of the seventies. I even painted, yes painted, the Formica countertop of the vanity.

Those stopgaps are wearing thin and I can no longer live with how it looks – especially because I have an open door bathroom. What that means is that the area with the vanity and linen closet has no door and is visible at all times to the master bedroom. The section with the toilet and shower is behind a door, so at least I get some visual relief on that part. It’s time for a change and to take the plunge.

I started moving forward in January when my friend, Anne, showed me the work she had done on her bathroom. Energized by how good it looked in her home and having a reference for a designer, I set up an appointment. There have been twists and turns, delays and doubts, but things are finally coming together and it looks like the work will begin at the end of September or beginning of October.

“That soon!?” Okay, Sue. Take a deep breath. Think positive thoughts. This will go well. It will not be a disaster. They will not find ugly things behind the walls that will double the cost of the work. It will look beautiful when it’s done. Meditate. Ohmmmmmm.

Please send me your positive thoughts. I can use all the help I can get!

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