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A Moment of Peace

As I write this, the first major snow of the season is falling in southeast Michigan. Christmas songs are playing on my tablet. There is a pot of homemade soup simmering on the stove. Calder is on his cat tree and playing with the toy that hangs on a string from the top. I’m thinking …

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A Writer Gives Thanks

With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season ramping up, I’m taking a break from writing short stories this month. Instead, in honor of Thanksgiving, I’m sharing my list (in no particular order) of people and things for which I’m thankful, from my writer’s point of view: All my teachers from grade school through …

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Ancestors are Family, Too

   “It’s not fair!” Eileen shouted.  “Don’t raise your voice to me, young lady,” her mother, Eleanor, responded. “I don’t care if all your friends are planning to stay out late on Halloween. You still have to be home by nine o’clock. That’s already an extra hour on a school night.”  “But I’ll be the …

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Tourist Attraction

“We’re here, Grandpa,” said Billy as the car came to a stop. John’s mind was too occupied by the gray ship in the distance to respond to his grandson. The longer John looked at the ship, the bigger the knot in his stomach grew. Hoping not to betray his unease, he spoke to his daughter, …

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Carousel Dream

My heart beat fast as we approached the carousel. Dad teased me. “I don’t think you’re tall enough, yet. You haven’t been eating all your vegetables, Lindsey.” “I have so,” I protested. “And I outgrew another pair of pants. I have to be tall enough now.” He laughed. “Here’s the ruler. Let’s see how you …

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