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4 Tips for Surviving a Bathroom Remodel

In September, October, and November of 2015, I posted blogs about having my master bathroom remodeled. Having learned a lot through the experience, I’m happy to share four tips to help you weather the ordeal should you decide to do a similar renovation of your own.   1. Move out of the master bedroom for …

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Can I Use My Bathroom? Yes!

Hurrah! The work on my bathroom is complete. Is it worth all the trouble I went through? Totally. I couldn’t be more pleased with how it looks. Calder the cat seems to like it, too.  Whenever I allow him in the room, he explores the space like it is new territory. Now that the contractors …

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Can I Use My Bathroom? Not Yet.

As I write this, it’s more than a week into the remodel of my master bathroom, and I’m happy to say there have been no ugly surprises. Well, when my contractor, Vince, took the mirror down he uncovered some of the horrible pink and green wallpaper that used to be in the master bedroom. I …

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