February 2015 archive

Feb 15

Ice Fishing in 1954

Ice Fishing in 1954 by Jon Reed Have you ever been ice-fishing? I was thirteen-years-old and couldn’t feel my face in a bitter Lake St. Clair wind as the sky was just turning pink. I was waiting to go ice-fishing, and gusts of wind blew sheets of snow across an expanse of white. My father was …

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Feb 10

Black Wings

The sun lit fire to the still and quiet water as it set. It was the exact opposite of how Melanie felt. Her insides boiled like an acid stew, her shame the meat of it. What she’d ended had poisoned her so deep that she would never be clean again. Beholden to her creator, she’d …

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Feb 08

Write This Not That

Completing a 100,000 word manuscript is a daunting task. Craft elements can go rogue and crash a well-intended plot. Months, and yes, years pass in the process of writing and editing. Babies are born. Children graduate from school. And everyone grows older except for the fledgling characters in the story. For many, even writers disciplined …

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Feb 06

For Love of Books

“When I get a little money I buy books; and if any is left, I buy food and clothes.” –Erasmus I don’t know when my love of books began, but I do know it hasn’t ended. Hence, I chose the moniker, Book Lover. It is difficult for me to walk past a bookstore without entering …

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Feb 03

Deadwood Writers Voices 1 Year Anniversary

Editor’s Log 02/03/15 One year ago, the Deadwood Writers’ Voices opened its first issue. There was no fanfare. But it was another momentous step that the group took in its journey along the writer’s path. A group of brave authors committed themselves to publishing  a monthly piece along the theme of writing. Backed by a …

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