September 2015 archive

Sep 28

Can I Use My Bathroom?

I’m embarking into the world of home improvement and remodeling. “Oh no!’ my internal counselor says. “Don’t do it! Your home will be in a shambles for weeks if the contractor says days. Months if he says weeks. You’ve heard all the horror stories. It’s not worth it.” I should listen, but I hate my …

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Sep 23


I was looking into crowdsourcing as a possible way to publish Broken String next year. is the one I was looking at, but there are others. Crowdsourcing is a way to find supporters to fund your “project.” That project can be just about anything from a space satellite to a movie, or a book. …

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Sep 21

Tales From the Garden – Part 2

I had such a good time volunteering at the Chicago Botanic Garden my first summer that I decided to go back the next year. This time I volunteered in the Fruit & Vegetable Garden. It was an entirely different experience. All the Fruit & Vegetable volunteers, usually about four of us, would arrive early in …

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Sep 18

What is Writing?

What is writing to you? Writing can mean many things to different people. 1–Writing is exhausting. Remembering the rules of syntax and sentence structure is a struggle. Perfection halts our progress putting words to paper. 1–Writing is exhilarating. Initially, don’t worry about spelling and sentence structure. There is a freedom to words. Getting your struggles …

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Sep 16

Falling in Love with Perfect Arrangements

During my college days, I became friends with a girl who was valedictorian of her high school class. She sometimes annoyed me with her intellect. After a test in our art history class, she and I milled about and fretted over how our individual results would rank on the class curve. She worried and said, …

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