August 2016 archive

Aug 24

Carousel Dream

My heart beat fast as we approached the carousel. Dad teased me. “I don’t think you’re tall enough, yet. You haven’t been eating all your vegetables, Lindsey.” “I have so,” I protested. “And I outgrew another pair of pants. I have to be tall enough now.” He laughed. “Here’s the ruler. Let’s see how you …

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Aug 21

The Book of Kells

  Have you ever seen the Book of Kells? I did, last month when I was in Ireland. The original book, actually 340 folios, written around 800 CE, is at Trinity College in Dublin. It has its own very impressive exhibit, located on the first floor in a specially climate controlled, dimly lit room.   …

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Aug 18

Coffee Shop Chronicles: Reflections on the Unresolved

Starbucks Plymouth, MI November 2006 4:37pm I’m here to celebrate a good job phone interview.  So I’m here drinking my cappuccino and writing it all down. I feel lonely here in this coffee shop full of people, and I’m distracted.  I’m paranoid of the boys hanging out down the street near my Penn State flag-waving …

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Aug 16

The Best Seat in the House

“This is my command: Love each other.” ~ Jesus (John 15:17, NIV) Oliver sits directly in front of me. The five-year-old was a student in my vacation Bible school class. He snuggles up to his mom. With a broad smile and a gleam in his eye, he leans in to kiss her cheek. She puts …

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Aug 15

A Pratt & Whitney Engine

Our Michigan Air National Guard 127th Tactical Air Command Reconnaissance Group stood in ranks at Detroit Metropolitan Airport’s tarmac. Two Douglas C-124 Globemaster transports loomed above us. It was early morning and we were to fly to Gulfport, Mississippi for two weeks active duty. The Alabama Air National Guard’s airplanes had flown in the day …

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