Editor’s Note: Writing isn’t the Difficult Step

So far this year, Deadwood Writers members have been actively publishing books and articles for a wider audience. Here are the books:

This list simply adds to the ongoing list of work produced by those who call themselves Deadwood Writers. Publishing work is a great accomplishment. Anyone who has done so can attest to that. But the work has only begun.

Writing isn’t the difficult step. Yes, it’s challenging, sometimes it feels impossible. Also, there are many who start and never finish. I have several incomplete manuscripts along my journey. But in relative terms, once the book is written and published, now there are the logistics of getting others to notice and read the book.

To put this in context, once someone is published, they have to sell their books. Get others to see the value of taking the time to buy the book and read it. Hopefully enough people like what they read and post a positive review.

There’s just the minor detail of getting one’s book noticed.

Creating and executing a marking plan is crucial. Rarely, and I do mean RARELY, does the publisher provide a marking budget that supports the author’s travels and their direct communications to the public. They do promote the book on their website and send it out to various media agencies, but the book is likely bundled with other’s books.

The best marketing is done by the author. No one is, or shouldn’t be, as passionate about the book as the author. Otherwise, the book is D.O.A.

Marketing requires a plan to get the message out to others. Using social media. Getting early reviews that are positive. And many more needs. One of the best steps I took for preparing my book, So All Can Learn: A Practical Guide to Differentiation is hired Sylvia Hubbard for a one hour coaching session to address any needs that I might not have considered. Sylvia provided me with an abundance of strategies and ideas from her own extensive experiences (https://sylviahubbard.com).

The website is up for So All Can Learn (www.soallcanlearn.org). I am currently lining up presentations and talks on the topic of my book, so that people who attend will get a sneak peak of the treasures they’ll find within.

Once you have a plan, implement and commit to it. The marketing work never ends.

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