Summer at Last

The summer heat finally arrived. In preparation, my husband repaired and cleaned our outdoor gas grill for the summer season. He always does the grilling while I enjoy preparing the food.


I found different recipes for ribs, chicken, turkey burgers, salads, and vegetable skewers in preparation for different dining experiences. The recipes from the various magazines needed adjusting to satisfy my taste buds. My husband is much easier to please and enjoys eating the new dishes I prepare.


For the first time, I parboiled pork ribs to help tenderize the meat prior to sprinkling them with Weber Steak Seasoning. Next, my husband grilled the ribs and finished them with a coating of Johnny’s Firecracker Sauce. Delicious!


One of my favorite recipes was the vegetable skewers. I soaked wood skewers in water while I cut red onions, yellow onions, green, yellow, and orange peppers, zucchinis, and summer squash. After putting the vegetables on the skewers, I coated them lightly with a no-stick cooking spray and sprinkled them with Weber Veggie Grill Seasoning. This was a perfect dish we’ll repeat in the near future.


We’re ready to try more grilled foods now that indoor cooking isn’t our only option. Do you have any grilling recipes to share?

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