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Memorial Day 2018

By William Garvey, Guest Author Memorial Day 2018 I rise early, dress, eat, brew a coffee and drive alone to the cemetery. This year, unlike most, I am prepared. The flowers are bought, the shepard’s hook already pounded into the ground. A plastic bucket with hand shovel and grass clippers is in the back of …

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Do We Remember?

Not every Service Member who dies does so in combat. Sometimes it is in an environment you would think to be completely safe, in the barracks, on base, or at home. Sometimes it isn’t violent. When Memorial Day comes around it’s very easy to remember the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines who gave their lives …

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May Days

Evan Thomas smiled at the clerk who helped him with the bouquet.  “I’m glad you have tulips.” She smiled back.  “Oh, yes.  They’re available pretty much all year, but May is one of the best months.  What colors are you looking for?” “Mom’s favorites – pink and white.  Six of each.  Right, Dad?”  Evan looked …

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