December 2014 archive

Dec 27

Writing Commitments for 2015: What’s yours?

With a new year days away, it’s that time where people make resolutions for the changes they’re making. How next year will be different because… The problem is that most resolutions are broken, perhaps because they seem more like wishes, hopes, or dreams. At the last meeting of 2014 for the Deadwood Writers, I invited …

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Dec 24

A Writer’s End of Year Reflection

What I like most about this time of year is the unique, collective opportunity it offers for spending time on people and things that we might not do otherwise: gift giving, sharing meals, travel, being with friends and family.  Sure there may be irritations along the way, but in the end the goodwill intended ought …

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Dec 23

Imagining Fiction in the Electronic Age

I received a good response to last month’s apocalyptic post on pulp, mostly notes of reminiscences. I had no idea people time-stamped their best reads like they were best dates. Two folks thought enough to put fingers to keyboard and tell me just how wrong I was, and one good friend about chewed my ear off …

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Dec 21


I love to swim. It lifts my mood and relaxes me like nothing else. I feel good all over. Nothing hurts. It’s the best form of exercise! The best time for me to swim is when it’s cold outside, the colder the better. I throw on some clothes over my swimsuit, put on my parka …

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Dec 18

I Published a Book in 10 Hours

I did it! Families inspire us and intimidate us.  Jimmy’s mother, father and brother are all members of the Burglars Union Guild (BUG), and he is expected to follow in their footsteps.  Jimmy has slippery fingers and not in the slick, pickpocket ways; he drops things.  That lack of dexterity is just the start of …

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