January 2015 archive

Jan 24

Help Wanted: Minions

I have a lot of stuff to do.  First on my list are the things I have to do to maintain my life.  Obtaining food/water, shelter, and clothing make up the basics.  It’s what people have been doing from the dawn of humankind.  If I don’t do the modern equivalents – work my job, buy …

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Jan 23

How Important is the Title?

What weight should we give to the title of a novel? If the sum of a book is 100%, is the title worth 20% or 80%? On the one hand, if the title isn’t catchy then potential book buyers may never pick it up. All the efforts the author has put in will never be …

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Jan 21

Chinese Voices

I just finished reading Unbound Voices by Judy Yung. The book tells the stories of first and second-generation Chinese women living in San Francisco’s Chinatown between 1850 and 1945. What makes this book so riveting is: Each woman tells her story in her own words. I was very moved by how each one expressed herself. …

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Jan 18

Why You Should (Shamelessly Self-) Promote Yourself

I believe in shameless self-promotion and so should you. I don’t mean just with your writing but with all aspects of your life.  You need to be passionate.  Who else is going to get excited about you and your work if you aren’t? I have never taken off work on my birthday, and I never …

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Jan 16

Open Mouth and Insert Foot

Before I dedicated my mornings to writing, I woke to Live! with Regis and Kelly. Legendary showman Regis Philbin routinely bantered with his energetic, down-to-earth co-host, Kelly Ripa. The pair spent weekday mornings sharing the details of their ordinary moments and extraordinary lifestyles. They rehashed what they did the night before, described where they ate …

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