February 2016 archive

Feb 23

Not So Famous Leapers

A Leaper is someone born on February 29th. In the United States, 187,000 people have this distinction. Worldwide, it’s about four million. The odds of being born on February 29th are roughly one in 1,461. I say roughly even though 1,461 is not an approximation because three times every 400 years we suspend the practice …

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Feb 21

Freedom’s Daughters

Freedom’s Daughters I read somewhere recently, if you want to really re-experience a past event in your life, listen to some music from that era. I know whenever I hear Happy Birthday Sweet 16 *, I’m immediately transported back in time to my sixteen-year-old self. Recently I read a book that did the same thing. …

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Feb 18

Coffee Shop Chronicles: Are You the Trusting Sort?

Corner Bakery Café Horsham, PA Billy Joel had it right: it’s always been a matter of trust. 3:43pm A strange little coffee shop that is, or was once, a restaurant. This place serves the typical coffees and latte espresso drinks, but it also offers a choice of real food, not just the token pastries. I …

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Feb 16

From One Extreme to Another

“Kalamazoo to Timbuktu.” That song, recorded in the ‘50s by Mitch Miller, linked two locations together because of their individually unique names. Michiganders, like me, recognize the name of one city and wonder about the other. Where in the world is Timbuktu? Does it really exist? Or is it just part of an expression that …

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Feb 10

Hot Blacktop Ch. 8 – Twisted Metal

Mature Content. Sienna’s hands shook. She was tired, but she needed to finish this necklace. The silver metal fired orange as Sienna soldered the second medallion to the first. She hadn’t slept well the whole week, and her mind still stuck on Saint’s words as she left him at the Speedway. Rotating her shoulders, she …

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