March 2016 archive

Mar 18

Coffee Shop Chronicles: The Virtues of Public Transportation

Espresso Royale Ann Arbor, MI “The niche is all yours,” the tall, lanky guy says, referring to this cluster of soft chairs he’s getting up from. “I don’t need all this space.  I like to be self-contained,” I say with a thank-you nod as I put my bag on one table.  Then I smile at …

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Mar 16

Stories from the Grave

You drive by an intersection and take notice of a weathered and worn wooden cross poking up from the ground. Around it are faded silk flowers, some tattered stuffed animals, burnt candles, and remnants of hand-written notes that resisted being carried away by the wind. You know someone died in that spot and someone else …

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Mar 15


I was raking leaves from our oak trees into the street, and it occurred to me I should be burying them in the garden where they would become rich humus the following spring. The farthest corner of the garden, where the fences intersect, seemed the best place to start. When the first hole was three …

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Mar 10

Hot Blacktop Ch. 9 – Sharp Corners

Mature content. Saint’s mind moved at warp speed when he woke, then he recalled the night before, the body wrapped around him warm and silky, Sienna gave him a peace he’d never felt before now. He remembered how she turned her back to him before she’d fallen asleep, something dark entering her eyes. Now she …

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Mar 08

Little Free Twisted Plot

On my latest plotting pilgrimage, I discover plot in a Little Free Library. How can I resist free books to read and a hastle-free return? An amazing 36,000 little free libraries populate the world. My discovery of this little treasure changes everything I have done in the past. Plot Playgrounds Plot resources exist in many …

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