Tag: reflection

May 18

Read Books, Review Books, Remember Books

On this blog, I’ve written about journal writing.  I’ve written about reading books.  There was a time when I did both: I read books and journaled about them. Go figure. After last month’s journal expedition, I wandered through my bookshelf and discovered a journal wherein I reviewed books for myself as a reminder of what …

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Apr 18

How do you choose a writing journal?

Just like magic wands, a journal must choose you. As a child, I expressed my deepest thoughts, heartbreak and angst in various hardcover journals, college-ruled notebooks and at least one Dear Diary with a metal lock. Did you pour your heart out in a journal? I still journal, but not as much as I used …

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Dec 24

A Writer’s End of Year Reflection

What I like most about this time of year is the unique, collective opportunity it offers for spending time on people and things that we might not do otherwise: gift giving, sharing meals, travel, being with friends and family.  Sure there may be irritations along the way, but in the end the goodwill intended ought …

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Mar 21

A Voice From Long Ago

Last month I wrote about how hard it is for me to find things to write about. Ever since then, everywhere I go, there’s a little voice saying, “Maybe you’ll find something to write about here.” Earlier this month, when I was in California, I hit the jackpot. I read some letters that were found …

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