July 2015 archive

Jul 24

Gasping for Air

I miss the days when every gas station had a machine where you could pump up your tires for free. Not only free but where 99 times out of 100 the station had an air pump that actually worked. It’s an odd thing to wax nostalgic about I know, but a recent series of issues …

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Jul 23


Every novelist needs a copy editor. Why? Because a copy editor makes sure the author is wearing his pants before he steps on stage, makes sure the author doesn’t have a trail of toilet paper stuck to her high heel as the lights come up. Yes, typos are that glaring. Novelists cannot correct their own …

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Jul 21

If It Wasn’t for Bad Luck – Part 2

I know you’re wondering why I still believe, when it comes to electronics, “If it wasn’t for bad luck, I wouldn’t have any luck at all.” I think you’ll understand after you read this. I like HP products because they’re supposed to be simple, easy to set up and easy to use. To me that …

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Jul 18

Pinterest for promotion: Tips and inspiration

Social media: is it selling or sharing? These days, it’s a bit of both.  As a writer, or anyone with a product to promote, social media presents powerful platforms. You can spend more time socializing than writing, so where do you focus your attention? Pinterest is a social media cut-n-paste website to collect and save …

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Jul 16


Every time I travel to a tropical destination, I wrestle with the way I’m drawn to the ocean while simultaneously being wary of it. A mysterious world lies hidden below its surface. Fish, coral, invertebrates, various species that live in the warm shallows and others found only in the deepest, darkest depths. Is exploring it …

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