January 2016 archive

Jan 24

4 Tips for Surviving a Bathroom Remodel

In September, October, and November of 2015, I posted blogs about having my master bathroom remodeled. Having learned a lot through the experience, I’m happy to share four tips to help you weather the ordeal should you decide to do a similar renovation of your own.   1. Move out of the master bedroom for …

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Jan 23

Rambling Thoughts on a Winter’s Day…

The internet is old enough now to be new all over again. Ten years ago, “hyperlinks” were all the rage for how to get your website ranked higher in the search engines. Popular sites “recommend” other popular sites by exchanging links with them to produce higher browser rankings for both. Think of it as word-of-mouth …

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Jan 21

Cruising in Europe

Last September we took a cruise on the Danube and the Rhine Rivers. We started off in Budapest, Hungary and finished in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The trip lasted two weeks and was lovely. Living, eating, drinking and floating along was very relaxing. The boat stopped every day in a different city. Most of us got …

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Jan 18

Coffee Shop Chronicles: Playing Games

Tuscan Cafe Northville, MI It really does come down to games, Dominos or not. This afternoon is my writing time. I’m sitting at a table against the wall under the lamp shade so I have light to type by. I just finished two Americanos, light on steamed milk. The first Americano had a smidge of …

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Jan 16

My Fair Share of the Green Flash

I’m not sure when it was that I first heard about the phenomenon of the green flash. I don’t remember when I first looked for it. I just know that I’ve been looking for years. Throughout my lifetime of chasing sunsets, I never spotted a bright green glow rise above the setting sun. Dozens, maybe …

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