August 2017 archive

Aug 23

The Man with Seven Sons

Crow story, part five. After Fred and I rescue the fawn from the swamp, we take the dogs back to the lake for a second bath, and it’s nearly eight o’clock by the time I get home. I put Joker and Gracie in the backyard then strip naked in the laundry room. I load my …

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Aug 21

How Are Your Bones?

Do you think a lot about your bones? In fact, have you ever thought about them? I’ve started to think about mine recently, ever since I started reading Strong Women, Strong Bones*. I was surprised to learn that we have two different types of bone in our bodies. I always thought all our bones were …

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Aug 18

Coffee Shop Chronicles: Don’t stare

Smartworld Coffee Denville NJ’ August 2017 I dash in, just missing the rain, and see there’s a problem with my regular table. A woman with a toddler is there.  Her stroller takes up the entire comfy chair area and space next to my usual table.  Drat.  I really need that wall outlet today.  I walk …

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Aug 15

Disconnects – Part One

A fun part of marriage is the occasionally odd disconnect that makes life interesting or, should we say, challenging. Years ago, for instance, my wife and I were shopping at Troy’s Somerset Mall, a major high-end suburban outlet, and I noticed there were fewer customers in the primary store, Lord and Taylor. Glancing at my …

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Aug 10

Steps to Midnight

Breaching the thick silence hanging in the air, Felicity Marcum opens her car door. A shiver strolls across her exposed skin, and her heart pounds. Her feet to the ground she takes one last glance over her shoulder to the gate that reads, Last Chance Cemetery. The light in its center, or what she assumes …

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